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Despite the progress made in the last decade, Africa still lags behind the rest of the world. Only rapid leaps in development can lead out of this trap. In 2019, the “Berlin Institute for Population and Development” conducted a study on how these leaps can be made in a fast, affordable and sustainable manner. Bayer AG and the Bayer Foundation supported the survey.


In a live talk on LinkedIn on December 10th, experts from the Berlin Institute, Bayer Foundation, Bayer Crop Science and the social enterprise “Babban Gona” will discuss the results of the “Leapfrogging study”: The panelists will highlight eye-openers, challenges, and opportunities of the survey, and explore how successful solutions from Africa can be transferred to other countries.


The panelists:

  • Caroline Mwongera (moderator; International Center for Tropical Agriculture)
  • Reiner Klingholz / Sabine Sütterlin (Berlin Institute for Population and Development)
  • Monika Lessl (Bayer Foundation)
  • Ursula Kölzer (Bayer Crop Science)
  • Kola Masha, (“Babban Gona” social enterprise)


Join our live event and get in dialog with the speakers.


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