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Catalyzing advances in Science for a world
with Health for All & Hunger for None


At Bayer Foundation, we see a future in which cutting-edge science helps break down the walls of global inequality and provides the foundation for a world with Health for All and Hunger for None. Through our science portfolio, we facilitate ground-breaking science with the potential to change people’s lives; we want to better understand the world we live in to provide equitable access to food & medicine around the globe while protecting the planet that sustains us. 

We enhance the impact of science for the benefit of society with a focus on advancing three critical aspects: equity, collaboration, and trust in science.

Equity in science will ensure that breakthrough scientific discoveries truly meet the needs of a global population, and gives not only scientists across the world, but society at large, a seat at the table.

Collaboration in science is essential to address the most complex problems facing humanity. It is not only critical that scientists work together effectively across disciplines, organisations & borders, but that society also has a constructive voice in the science of the future.

Trust in science, scientists & their institutions is critical for both the uptake of new technologies that can benefit people across the globe, as well as our ability to have constructive & inclusive discussions on the challenges we face.

Our Portfolio:

Our science portfolio works to establish equity in science by empowering individuals, it aims to shape a constructive relationship between science and society, and critically, we want to ensure science can address the challenges humanity is facing through global collaboration. By bringing science to our communities, inspiring young people, rewarding remarkable scientists, and championing breakthrough research, we can create a future in which Health for All and Hunger for None is no longer a vision, but a reality.