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Female Science Talents: Breaking the Barriers for Women in Science 


The Bayer Foundation has proudly been a founding partner of the Female Science Talents program, an initiative led by the Falling Walls Foundation to promote women with exceptional talents in science. The Female Science Talents program aims at increasing the visibility of female scientists and helping them achieve a personal career breakthrough within one year. At the end of May, the Bayer Foundation took part in the Intensive Track Spring Gathering in Berlin, where we had the opportunity to engage with remarkable panelists and female leaders from academia, industry, and foreign policy.  



This gathering marked the second edition of the Female Science Talents International Spring Gathering, a special event that brought together 20 exceptionally talented female scientists from around the world, including Australia, Germany, the USA, Portugal, and other countries. Talented female scientists came together to make a positive impact on the world by sharing their invaluable experiences and contributions to science, business, and society.  




Zarifa Mamedova, Head of Female Science Talents Program

“The Female Science Talents Spring Gathering was a success. Our partnership with the Bayer Foundation enables us to create great meetings and support talented women from science with leadership potential.” 


Female Knowledge Transfer Agenda


The main topic of the two-day event was “Feminist Knowledge Transfer in Academia, Industry, and Foreign Policy.” The Falling Walls Foundation invited esteemed panelists such as Dr. Geraldine Rauch, President of the Technical University of Berlin, Dr. Gertraud Stadler, Head of Gender Research in Medicine at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Dr. Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO of the Global Perspectives Initiative, Dr. Julia Schüller, Vice President Chemicals Research at BASF, and many other prominent speakers to share their invaluable insights and career tips. 



Open Panel (from the right to the left): Dr. Ingrid Hamm, Dr. Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades, and the moderator Sarah Scheidmantel


Discussions gave particular attention to the establishment of frameworks and practices that foster the transfer of knowledge in scientific fields and industries. Systematic gender-related obstacles were highlighted. These include shedding light on gender discrimination in the workplace, structural gaps, and the lack of equal opportunities and female representation. Finally, speakers explored solutions to demolish barriers to female access to leadership positions by providing a wider range of opportunities for women in academia. Moreover, the speakers emphasized the importance of building inclusion and diversity from the bottom up and the provision of effective gender training.  



Prof. Geraldine Rauch, President of the Technical University of Berlin shares insights on female leadership in academia 


The Bayer Foundation extends sincere appreciation to its partner, the Falling Walls Foundation, for organizing this incredible event. Gratitude is also expressed to the other supporting partners, the Elsevier Foundation, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, and Stiftung Medizin for supporting the Female Science Talents program.  


The Female Science Program regularly offers workshops that are designed to empower women to set themselves ambitious goals and develop their leadership strategies. To access a comprehensive list of workshops offerings, please visit the link.



Female Science Talents Workshop


For those interested in applying for the Falling Walls Foundation’s Intensive Track 2024, applications will open in Autumn. The Intensive Track program aims at helping early career talents pursue flexible career paths and support them in building an international network. Applications are handled directly by the Falling Walls Foundation. To learn more about the application process please visit their website here.


Pictures are taken by the Falling Walls Foundation.  




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