Empowering and enabling communities
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Social Innovation:

Social innovation is about leveraging the power of innovation, entrepreneurialism and creativity to create inclusive business models that empower communities to improve their lives and enhance social impact in a responsible manner. Our focus is on rural communities in Africa, supporting access to health and improving agricultural productivity and sustainable strength.

Social Innovation
Start-Up Academy

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There is no social innovation without collaboration. This is why Bayer Foundation thrives on building and curating ecosystems with communities and social enterprises across the world for a world with Health for All and Hunger for None.


About the award

Social Impact Start-up Academy (SISTAC)

Bayer Foundation is a co-founder of the Social Impact Startup Academy. This is a unique platform supporting students and social innovators to identify and develop breakthrough social innovations that address the world’s most pressing issues around SDGs 2 & 3 (zero hunger and good health and wellbeing). This 12-month academy is anchored in action-oriented learning formats which form part of a Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master’s Program at the Ingolstadt School of Management, Cape Town University and Ben Gurion University, in Israel. Examples of projects include a feasibility study to enter a new market; a business model or business plan analysis - or even support with fundraising and crowdfunding. Although financial support is not directly granted, it can be realized through contacts from Bayer Foundation’s network.


Who is eligible?

• Students enrolled in relevant Master’s programs at the following universities: University of Cape Town, the Ben Gurion University of and the Ingolstadt School of Management

• Universities that are interested in collaborating with SISTAC

• Professors interested in enrolling their university or are currently working at an already enrolled university (see above)

• Early stage social innovators who have an innovative idea that has social impact with the potential for global scaling

• The number of slots for projects per semester varies with the number of students that enroll in the Master’s program. Typically, it will be 3-5 projects supported by groups of 3-5 students each


How to nominate

What are the criteria for nomination?


Proven record of the maturity and innovativeness of the project (idea, pre-seed or seed stage) as well as the viability of its (social) business model. All innovations must focus on SDGs 2 & 3.


Previous winners

Founder of Bisa M-Health Raindolf Owusu

The idea: Meet your doctor online service app. Disrupt the way how people in remote areas of Africa gain 1st access to doctors and hospitals.

Social impact: Millions of people in rural Africa live more than a day of traveling away from the next doctor – with little to no access to basic health. BISA “Ask your Doctor Online” gives remote people in Africa access to health.

Operating: Ghana and Senegal

FOUNDER: Raindolf Owusu

WEBSITE: www.bisaapp.com

Video: www.youtube.com/xxxxxxx