Empowering and enabling communities
to thrive with Social Innovation

Social Innovation:

Social innovation is about leveraging the power of innovation, entrepreneurialism and creativity to create inclusive business models that empower communities to improve their lives and enhance social impact in a responsible manner. Our focus is on rural communities in Africa, supporting access to health and improving agricultural productivity and sustainable strength.

Social Innovation
Ecosystem Fund

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About the award

Outstanding scientists from German-speaking countries.

With the Social Innovation Ecosystem Fund the Bayer Foundation is awarding a total of EUR 20 million during the coming years to social innovators with a focus on Africa. This fund specifically targets pioneering technological and entrepreneurial solutions which empower African smallholder farmers and their communities to help lift themselves out of poverty.


Who is eligible?

Social Entrepreneurs providing scalable solutions for rural African population in the area of health and nutrition and sustainable growth.


Nomination criteria

What are the key nomination criteria?

• All candidates need to be beyond the proof of concept phase

• All proposed projects need to have the ability to reach at least 200,000 people within the determined project duration

• Clear scope and measurable Key Performance Indicators are a prerequisite. All project activities must be adequately documented

• All documentation must be independently auditable

• All candidates need to show a proven track record of adequate reporting and impact measurement


Previous winners

myAgro – Senegal, Mali and Tanzania

myAgro - a non-profit social enterprise - received funds from the Bayer Social Innovation Ecosystem to further drive its pioneering model which uses mobile phones to enable farmers enables farmers to save and then invest their own funds in high-quality seed, fertilizer, tools and agricultural training. For more information, visit www.myagro.org

Mercy Corps/Pula advisors – Zimbabwe

The social enterprise Mercy Corps received funds from the Bayer Social Innovation Ecosystem Awards to provide data-driven innovation to help scale smallholder farmer outreach and yields. For more information, visit www.mercycorps.org

PATH – Senegal and Mali

The social enterprise PATH received funds from Bayer’s Social Innovation Ecosystem Awards to strengthen community responses to malaria in Tambacouda (Senegal) using an integrated approach combining health and agriculture. Learn more at www.path.org

Living Goods – Uganda

Living Goods - a nonprofit organization that digitally-enables community health workers (CWHs) - received funds from the Bayer Social Innovation Ecosystem Awards to provide high-impact women’s health services in Sub-Saharan Africa. For more information, visit www.livinggoods.org