Catalyzing the development of breakthroughs in the life sciences

Science Impact:

We are fueling progress in the fields of the life sciences to provide pioneering and sustainable solutions for a growing and ageing population.

Bayer Foundation
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Our Objective:

There is no innovation without collaboration. This is why Bayer Foundation thrives on building and curating ecosystems with partners across the world for a world with Health for All and Hunger for None.


Falling Walls:

Bayer Foundation supports a number of Falling Walls programs, such as the Berlin Science Week, engaging the science community with the public or Falling Walls Lab, a global pitching contest for scientific visionaries from all fields. The vision of Falling Walls is to shape the future of humanity by impact-oriented ideas and discoveries, driven by the dedication for creating breakthroughs across borders and disciplines.



Humboldt University:

Since 2010, the cooperation between Bayer Foundation and Humboldt University empowers children and teenagers to learn about scientific research and STEM subjects. The aim is to generate fun experiences and interest in and for science, especially among students who have shown little interest in these topics so far. Many of the children and teenagers that participate get insights into research methodology in science and industry for the first time. Together with their teachers and the help of trained personnel, students get the opportunity to work on their own scientific projects based on innovative learning methods.


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